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Cole Park, Tezpur Assam

Tezpur is a wonderful tourist destination located on the north bank of river Brahmaputra. There are several legends and mythological stories attached to this city. Earlier it was known as 'Sonitpur'. The word Tezpur was coined from the Sanskrit words 'Teza', meaning 'blood' and 'Pura' meaning 'town or city'. Even today the love story of Anirudha and Usha echoes in the city. Anirudha was the grandson of Krishna and Usha was the daughter of Banasura(a devil).

The fantastic city welcomes you to delve into its scenic beauty – the mind boggling views of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and the hills of Arunachal Pradesh. Stroll through the lush green valleys and enjoy the aroma of the fresh tea leaves in the tea gardens. The ruins of the ancient buildings in the city are a testimony to its rich history.

Attractions To See:

Cole Park: It is a charming garden with two huge pillars which are decorated to perfection. It also houses the sculptural remnants of the Bamuni Hills.

Orang Wildlife Sanctuary: It lies 72 km of Tezpur and is a home to wildlife such as one-horned rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard, barkinng dear, tiger and sambhar.

Bamuni Hills: It is an important archaeological site famous for its sculptural remains dating back to the 9th century.

Nameri Willife Sanctuary: It boasts of a rich variety of wildlife. Elephant safari is the best way to spot the wildlife in the Sanctuary.

The Hazara Pukhuri:It a huge tank built in the 19th century.

Bhalukpung: It is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Also a famous picnic spot which is dotted with hot spring and a beautiful Orchid garden. It is situated at 60 km from Tezpur.

Agnigarh: Dipped in sheer mythological importance, it is the place speaking oodles about the romance of princess Usha and Anirudha. Usha was put in the prison inside the palace which was circled by a wall of fire. Today it is only a hillock offering heavenly views of river Brahmaputra.

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