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Satra Temple Assam

Satra Temple Assam

Established with an aim to propagate neo Vaishnavism, the first Satra was constructed in the 15th century in Majuli, Assam. Satra is a name given to monasteries in Assam. These satras imparts education and knowledge about a fulfilling life. In Assam, Satra culture developed and flourished primarily at Majuli, Bardowa, Barpeta and Madhupur. Later in the 19th century Britishers and then missionaries built churches in Assam.

Today Assam is dotted with around 65 satras dedicated towards imparting knowledge on ethics and socio-cultural ideals. Today Majuli has only 22 satras as the rest of them were transferred to safer places to protect them from the wrath of flood and erosion. Majuli, the world's largest river island is a home to several satras established by Sankardeva who was involved in the movement of religious faith. During the Rasotsava festival, the Vaishnavites flock to these sacred Satras in large number. These satras have great influence on the lives of Assamese.

These sattras are famous for 'Borgeet', 'Matiakhara', 'Jumora' dance, 'Chail' dance, 'Notua' dance, 'Nande Vringee', 'Sutradhar', 'Oza-Pali', 'Apsara' dance, 'Satria Krishna' dance and much more. All these were a great contribution of Shri Sankardeva to the satas.

The Important Satras are:

Dakhinpat Satra
Garamurh Satra
Auniati Satra
Barpeta Satra
Kamalabari Satra
Bengenaati Satra
Shamaguri Satra
Batadrawa Satra

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