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Majuli Island Assam

Majuli Island Assam

Manjuli Island is the largest freshwater island in South Asia and is a major destination of tourist interest in Assam. This island rises majestically from the womb of Brahmaputra river. It is a home to around 1.6 lakhs of people. The majority of the dwellers are tribes who have nurtured and sustained their culture over the years. Boasting of the rare species of flora and fauna, the island holds great potential for eco-tourism. Here you can spot migratory birds such as Pelican, Siberian Crane and Adjutant Stork. The legend goes that this island was once the playground for the Lord Krishna and his friends. In the past Vaishnavism was introduced to Manjuli in the 16th century by a social reformer named Sankardeva. During that period several monasteries and hermitages were built on this island. Manjuli's spiritual heritage is no less glorious than its cultural one. This is a place which brings one close to nature.

In order to save this unique island steeped in pristine beauty Manjuli Island Protection and Development Council(an NGO) was established by the folklore of Manjuli. This organisation aims towards the conservation and development of this beautiful river island by spreading awareness about the shrinking shoreline due to rapid erosion. The rich culture of Manjuli reflects in its traditional handicrafts, pottery, dance, water sports and life style of the tribes.

Ferry is the exciting and the only means of transport for reaching the island. Ferries are available at the nearby town Jorhat. After covering a distance of 10 km through the river you will come face to face with an island unique in every sense. It is not only the destination which is fantastic, the journey in the ferry is also a different experience altogether. Best time to visit Manjuli island is between October to March.
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