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Brahmaputra Festival

Boat Racing at Brahmaputra Beach Festival Assam

Brahmaputra Beach Festival is full of adventure and mesmerizing natural beauty of Mother nature. The captivating beach of the great Brahmaputra serves as the venue for the festival. Several adventure sports are organised during the festival. Vibrant cultural activities leave the onlookers in ecstasy. This is a wonderful festival celebrated in the lap of nature. Cool breeze, sandy beach, cultural activities add a different charm to the festival. Beauty, enjoyment, adventure, thrill and a sense of happiness, the festival offers so much.

Brahmaputra Beach Festival coincides with the famous Magh Bihu festival of Assam. This doubles the joy and entertainment for the people participating in both the festivals. The festival is hosted by the Assam Boat Racing and Rowing Association, Guwahati. This festival has contributed a lot to tourism in Assam. Elephant races, kite flying, wind surfing, rafting, canoeing, para-dropping, hot air ballooning, kayaking, beach cricket and beach volley ball are the great events organised during the festival. Indulge in these overwhelming activities the memory of which will find a place in your heart forever. Just imagine how exciting it would be to be a part of this festival. The venue is dotted with several stalls selling traditional handicrafts of Assam. Take your pick.

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