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Elephant Festival Assam - A Lifetime Opportunity!

Elephant Festival Assam

Dedicated to the conservation and protection of Asiatic elephant, the Elephant festival in Assam is a famous festival noble in its concept. It is one of the largest elephant festivals of India. Kaziranga National Park is the venue for this wonderful festival and it is organised jointly by the Forest Department and Tourism Department, Government of Assam in February every year. Tourists enjoy the festival a lot as this is something which they rarely get to see. This three day festival spreads awareness about the grave loss of the Asiatic elephants and the need of their conservation. The domestic elephants are the participants of some of the cultural activities which are purely dedicated to them. Dance and other cultural activities are also a part of the festival. This festival shows that if elephants and humans can celebrate an occasion together, then why can't they live together in perfect harmony. Well, its we who interfere with the life of these creatures. Assam is a home to around 2,500 domestic Asiatic elephants.

Around a hundred domestic Asiatic elephants play football, dance away to glory and earn praises from the spectators. It is a great experience to see such an event. A procession by around hundred elephants accompanied by troupes beating drums and cymbals is a sight to behold. How well the elephants are trained for the procession! The elephants are decorated from head to toe and really look very cute.

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