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Asvakranta Temple Assam

Asvakranta Temple Assam

Asvakranta Temple is a highly revered pilgrimage centre of Assamese. It is one of the most important shrines of lord Vishnu. It is located on a rocky area near the Brahmaputra river, Guwahati. The temple offers great views of its surroundings. It is believed that a visit to this shrine washes away all the sins of a person and help him to attain moksha( salvation). The deity worshipped here is called Anantasayin Vishnu. The idol of Anantasayin looks very beautiful. The term 'Anantasayin' refers to the sitting position of the lord Vishnu on the serpent. The temple houses several other idols of Hindu deities. There is an idol of lord Brahma seated on a lotus, which emerges from the navel of lord Vishnu. An idol of goddess Mahamaya and two demons, Madhu and Kaitabha has been carved beautifully. The shrine also houses two rows of 'nagakanyas' or female serpent figures worshipping the lord.

The interiors of the temple are decorated with beautiful carvings which attracts the attention of the tourists. According to the legend Sri Krishna stopped here with his army and the horses before he killed Narakasur who was the ruler of this land. The term 'Asvakranta' means ' ascended by horse' and hence the temple got its name. The Asvakranta Temple can be reached by motorboats available at Sukleshvar Ghat in Guwahati.

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