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Nunneries of Tawang

Ani Gompa, Tawang Arunachal Pradesh

Beautiful Buddhist Nunneries dot the landscape of Tawang town. These Nunneries are called 'Ani Gompa'. Brama dung - chung Ani Gompa is one of the oldest nunnery in Tawang. It is situated 12 km from the town. It is a home to around 45 nuns and was built by Karchen Yeshi Gelek in 1595. Another wonderful nunnery near the town is Gyangong Ani Gompa which shelters around 50 nuns. Perched on a hill top, this nunnery was established by Mere Lam Lodre Gyamtso and he gifted it to his sister. Tawang Monastery controls the function of this nunnery.

One more nunnery is the Singsur Ani Gompa where 45 nuns live. It was constructed by Gonpaste Rimpoche and can be reached by covering a distance of 28 km from Tawang. It was built by the previous Rev.Gonpaste Rimpoche in 1960. The tradition of Nunneries in Tawang is very old and girls are free to become nuns at their own will.

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