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Assam Festivals

Assam is a land of fairs and festivals and the majority characterizes the spirit of accommodation and togetherness of the diverse faiths and beliefs found there. This perfect fusion of heritage shared by the numerous races living in Assam has made it home to the most colorful festivals and reflects the true spirit, the tradition and lifestyle of its people. The spirit of the state of Assam comes alive during the Assam festivals.

Bihu DanceBihu Dance
Holding immense national importance, Bihu festival is the most celebrated festival of Assamese. This festival is a combination of three Bihu festivals of Assam. Leaving behind their daily routines,


Elephant FestivalElephant Festival
Dedicated to the conservation and protection of Asiatic elephant, the Elephant festival in Assam is a famous festival noble in its concept. It is one of the largest elephant festivals of India. Kaziranga National Park is the venue


Rongali UtsavRongali Utsav
Rongali Utsav is an enchanting festival of Assam celebrated with great fervour. It is related to season and agriculture. The advent of Spring marks the celebration of this festival which is also known as 'Bohag Bihu'.


Majuli FestivalMajuli Festival
Packed with several cultural activities, Majuli Festival reflects the culture of Assam in the best possible way. Artists from across the country flock to Assam to participate in the cultural events of the festival.


Brahmaputra FestivalBrahmaputra Festival
Brahmaputra Beach Festival is full of adventure and mesmerizing natural beauty of Mother nature. The captivating beach of the great Brahmaputra serves as the venue for the festival. Several adventure sports...


Dehing Patkai FestivalDehing Patkai Festival
The enchanting Dehing Patik Festival of Assam is a great festival organised by the Government of Assam. The festival is named after the huge Patkai range and the beautiful Dehing river. You will be delighted to...


Tea FestivalTea Festival
A fusion of tea, music and enjoyment, the Tea Festival is a popular festival of Assam. It is celebrated in Jorhat and is hosted by Assam Tourism. Assam is the largest tea producing state in India and is famous for its tea all over the world...



Fairs and Festivals of Assam

Assam Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and Festivals are celebrated with great fervor in Assam. Showcasing the traditions and beliefs of the people of Assam, the fairs and festivals occupy a prized place in the culture of Assamese. Packed with fun, excitement and merriment, the fairs and festivals offer a great opportunity to tourists to peep into its rich and colorful culture.

Some of the famous fairs and festivals of Assam are:
Bihu Festival: This festival consists of three Bihu festivals; namely Rangali,celebrated in mid April; Bhogali Bihu, celebrated in mid January and Kati Bihu, celebrated in mid October. These festivals are full of enjoyment and feasts.

Elephant Festival: Celebrated in an attempt to conserve and protect the Asiatic elephants, Elephant festival is marked by various cultural activities. It is celebrated in February.

Majuli Festival: Celebrated in November, Majuli festival is full of cultural activities like dance, music and seminars. It has so much to offer – scenic beauty, tribal food, festival, rich wildlife, and beautiful flora. To let tourists make the best use of the visit to the Majuli festival, everyday sightseeing is organized in the morning during the festival.

Tea Festival: The combination of tea, music and fun, such is the Tea festival of Assam. It is held in November.

Brahmaputra Festival: Offering great opportunities of adventure sports, the Brahmaputra festival is celebrated at Brahmaputra beach. Elephant races, kite flying, wind surfing, rafting, canoing, para-dropping, hot air ballooning, kayaking, beach cricket and beach volley ball are the attractions of the festival.
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