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North East India Food

Assam Prawns, North East India Food

North-East Indian Cuisine represents an exotic blend of mouth watering dishes with regional differences and foreign influence. The cuisine of all states of North-East India are almost similar, more inclined towards non vegetarian. The people are so fond of non vegetarian that even if the preparation is vegetarian they add non vegetarian to it . Some dishes are bland while some are spicy. Different states of North-East India have their own food culture.

Assam Cuisine:
Fish and rice are the major food items of Assam. They generally round up the hearty meals with 'Pithas'(cakes) which are made in different styles using rice powder. Rice is the main ingredient of the meals. It is cooked in various forms such as creamakhoi(puffed rice), chira(chura), muri, komal chaul. Chira with yogurt and jaggery is the traditional breakfast of Assamese. The snacks consists of xandoh, kumal saul and bora saul with milk. The most popular dish of Assam is 'tenga' which is prepared from tomatoes, kaji lime, thekera and other vegetables.

Different varieties of fishes are cooked in the kitchens of Assamese. The famous ones are the rou(Labeo rohita), the illish (Tenualosa ilisha) and the chital)Chitala chitala). 'Hukiti' is a great fish delicacy made with dried fish(puthy mas). Assamese use very little amount of oil in their dishes. Chicken, meat and eggs also form an important part of their meals.

Arunachal Pradesh Cuisine:
Mostly non vegetarian cuisine is preferred in Arunachal Pradesh. 'Apong' is a refreshing drink served in Arunachal Pradesh. It is made from rice and millet and is very healthy. Apart from their own traditional food, Arunachalis are very fond of Chinese food.

Manipur Cuisine:
Serving culinary delights on banana leaves is a tradition in Manipur. Majority of the dishes are prepared from rice, meat and fishes. The traditional dish is 'Kabok' which is made with rice and vegetables. Fish, vegetables and bamboo shoots are the ingredients of a tasty dish called 'Iromba'.

Meghalaya Cuisine:
Rice and meat are the most important ingredients in Meghalaya Cuisine. People of Meghalaya love to gorge on Pork. 'Jadoh', a pork dish is their favourite. Chinese cuisine occupies a prized place in the meals of the Meghalaya people. Alcoholic drinks are also prepared from rice on festive occasions. 'Kyat' is the locally prepared brew loved by the people here.

Mizoram Cuisine:
The kitchens of the Mizos are also dedicated to rice and meat dishes. Almost all the dishes eaten here are high on nutritive value. In fact, a lot of care is taken while preparing the dishes so that the nutrients are not lost during cooking. 'zu' (tea)is the popular drink here.

Sikkim Cuisine:
Like other people of North East India, Sikkimese are also fond of rice. Momos and Thupkas are the most famous dishes of Sikkim. 'Tchang' is the locally made beer in Sikkim. The traditional cuisine of Sikkim consists of Momos, Gya Thukpa, Ningro with Churpi, Gundruk, Phagshapa and Sael Roti. The Bhutia tribes are beef eaters.

Tripura Cuisine:
People of Tripura are essentially non vegetarians. Dishes prepared with fishes top the menu of Sikkimese. Another important ingredient of the cuisine is rice.

Nagaland Cuisine:

Fish, meat and rice are an integral part of the Naga Cuisine. The delicacies are usually made by smoking, drying or fermenting the fish or meat.

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