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Shankardev Kalakshetra

Sankardeva Kalakshetra Assam

Dedicated to various art forms, Shankardev Kalakshetra is a platform for nurturing the local talent. In fact, it is the place where people live their dreams. Its foundation was laid in 1990 and it was named after the Vaishnav saint Srimanta Sankardeva. He played an important role in bringing the Assam society together. He himself was a great artist perfect in the art of poetry. He was also a scholar, social reformer and preacher. Shankardev Kalakshetra is located on the Shillong road and is easily accessible from any part of Assam.

Shankardev Kalakshetra is a home to a museum, an art gallery, an open-air theater and traditional Vaishnavite temples. Some of the most beautiful handicrafts of Assam are also available here. Its museum is a treasure house of cultural objects and day-today articles used by different ethnic groups. The Open Air Theater is the venue where several dance and music performances are held. Various dramas touching different themes are also performed in this theater. It has the capacity of 2000 people. The Artist's Village is the place inside the Kalakshetra which transports the visitor to a typical Assam village. Its ambiance resembles the atmosphere of a traditional Assam village. The library of Shankardev Kalakshetra houses rare books and manuscripts. Shankardev Kalakshetra is the vibrant place where various cultural activities are held. It is the place where you can see the most colorful and lively part of the Assam culture.
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