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Sikkim Dances

Dance and Music Sikkim

The truest beauty and richness of Sikkim's culture can be seen in its dance and music. Different dance forms are dedicated to different themes and events. Some marks the importance of the harvest season, some represents prosperity and some are dedicated to natural beauty. Sikkim has its own unique musical instruments. All the dance forms go along with the musical instruments.

The Popular dance forms of Sikkim are:

Lu Khangthamo:
This folk dance is dedicated to the gods of the heaven, earth and hell. It is a Bhutia folk dance wherein performers dance away to glory on the melodious music. It is mainly performed on the beginning of the new year.

Gha To Kito:
Depicting the riches of Sikkim such as Mount Kanchanjunga, religious places, hills, lakes, caves and minerals, this dance form is highly entertaining.

Chi Rimu:
This folk dance is a celebration of the uniqueness of Sikkim. Performed by both the youth and the old, the dance is a part of most of the celebrations in the state. It is also the expression of the respect towards the great teachers and holy places.

Gnungmala Gnunghey:
The dancers perform on the rhythms of bamboos. The dance is performed on the devotional hymns and songs popular in the region.

Be Yu Mista:
Praising Sikkim the performers flaunt their dancing skills on the melodious songs.

This traditional dance is dedicated to happy occasions such as marriage and childbirth.

Enchey Chaam:
This is one of the most popular mask dance of Sikkim. The masks worn by the dancers add a different charm to them. This dance form is dedicated to religious celebrations and are performed in the 'Gompa' courtyard. No doubt a great deal of flexibility and energy coupled with elegance is required for it. The lamas perform this dance on the drum beats, trumpeting of horns and chanting of monks. Traditional jewellery, colourful masks and swords are an important part of this dance form.

Gouthor Chaam:
This is also an amazing mask dance form.

Kagyed Dance:
This mask dance is performed in the praise of Sikkim.

Rumtek Chaam:
This religious masked dance is dedicated to the Guru Rimpoche.

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