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Sikkim is a landlocked state of India that owes its reputation for untouched scenic beauty and political stability. The mountain peaks, holy lakes, ancient monasteries, orchid nurseries and stunning trekking routes have made Sikkim a famous holiday destination. The Kanchenjunga Mountain, one of the highest mountain peaks in the world is also situated here. The state is conveniently divided into 4 regions.

Sikkim IntroductionSikkim Introduction
Nestled in the beautiful Himalayas, Sikkim is a small north Eastern state of India. It is a land of geographical diversity and the least populous state in India. It shares its borders with Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and west Bengal.


Art and Handicrafts SikkimArt and Handicrafts
Beautiful and popular art and handicrafts of Sikkim are the manifestations of the creative minds and aesthetic feelings of its artists. Sikkim is not only popular for its natural beauty but also a destination radiant with impressive handicrafts.


Dance and Music of SikkimDance and Music
The truest beauty and richness of Sikkim's culture can be seen in its dance and music. Different dance forms are dedicated to different themes and events. Some marks the importance of the harvest season...


Fairs and Festivals of SikkimFairs and Festivals
Hinduism and Buddhism are the predominant religions in Sikkim so most of the fairs and festivals are celebrated according to the respective calenders. Its colourful festivals are the manifestations of its beautiful culture.


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