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Sikkim Archery

Archery in Sikkim

Sikkim beckons you to enjoy its adventurous sport – Archery. Lepchas and the Bhutias love to play this sport. It is an interesting game entailing the used of bows and arrows made from bamboos. This sporting event takes place for 10 days in December-January at Gangtok, Mangan, Pelling and Kalimpong. Two teams participate in this game. They try their best to hit the targets and the one who hits more targets scores more points. Archers are suppose to shoot to a small wooden target(3x1 ft) placed at a distance of 130 m from the archer.

Earlier archery sport used to be played after the harvest. People would get together to enjoy this enchanting sport. Over the years this sport had lost its charm but today it has been revived. Not only the natives but the tourists have also started taking deep interest in this thrilling sport. Traditionally the participant of the sport used to wear traditional dress while playing the sport.

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