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Sikkim Handicrafts

Art and Handicrafts of Sikkim

Beautiful and popular art and handicrafts of Sikkim are the manifestations of the creative minds and aesthetic feelings of its artists. Sikkim is not only popular for its natural beauty but also a destination radiant with impressive handicrafts. In order to preserve and promote this traditional art of Sikkim, the Sikkim Government is establishing several platforms in the form of Handicraft and Handloom Institutes.

Wood Carvings:
The artists of Sikkim have long perfected the art of wood carving. The exquisite wood carvings in the monasteries, temples, monuments are a great testimony to their impeccable craftsmanship. Beautiful wooden sculptures and wooden masks are the perfect examples of the art.

Carpet Weaving:
Colourful carpets in numerous designs are weaved mainly by the women weavers of the Bhutia community. In fact, they are considered to be the best weavers in Sikkim. A lot of hard work goes into making such wonderful carpets.

Thangka Paintings:
Once these paintings were the only means of serving the noble purpose of spreading the Buddhist teachings. Enveloped in aesthetic beauty these paintings are unique to Sikkim. Cotton canvas and silk frames are its main characteristics. Earlier priests were the only painters who used to make the Thangka paintings but over the years the skills have been passed on to the other people also.

Avaliable in different designs, colours and variety, the handicrafts of Sikkim earn oodles of praise from the tourists across the globe. Woollen blankets, bags, shawls and jackets are high on quality. The 'hankas', leather ware,dolls, colourful applique work, batiks and costumes reflect the richness of the culture of Sikkim.

Choktse Tables:
It is one of main handicraft attraction of Sikkim. It is a foldable table available in several designs and shapes.
Scan the bazaars of Sikkim for all these fantastic handicrafts of the state.

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