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Nohkalikai Fall - 4th longest fall in the world

Nohkalikai Fall Meghalaya India

Nohkalikai Waterfalls is the fourth longest waterfall in the world. It is located near Cherrapunjee, the place which receives the highest rainfall in the world. This waterfall towers to a height of 1100 feet (335 m). It is a major tourist attraction in Meghalaya. The water drops from a great height into a deep gorge and the sight is simply awe-inspiring.

There is a legend associated with the Fall. A woman named Ka Likai remarried. She was passionately in love with her daughter but her husband hated her for loving the daughter so much. One day when Ka Likai was out at work, her husband killed the daughter and cooked her flesh into a meal. When Ka Likai came back home and did not find her daughter, she decided to go out in her search. But before going she thought of eating some thing. After eating, she founded her daughter's little fingers in the basket. After this incident she was too disgusted to bear the pain and threw herself off the cliff giving the fall its name “Fall of Ka Likai”.

Nohkalikai Waterfalls is high on beauty quotient and is often compared with the famous Jog Falls of South India
. It is a must-see tourist attraction in Meghalaya.
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