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Dance and Music Meghalaya

Fertility Dance Meghalaya

No celebration in Meghalaya is complete without the involvement of dance and music. The dance forms in the state are dedicated to various events such as social, religious, agricultural and recreational. Beautiful dance forms coupled with melodious music is very soothing to soul. Open areas are generally the venues for the dance and music performances in Meghalaya. The land comes alive with wonderful dance performances and great songs accompanied by the sound of traditional instruments.

Famous Traditional Dances of Meghalaya are:

Nongkrem Dance:
It is basically a religious festival wherein the heavenly deities are thanked for good harvest, harmony and prosperity. It is celebrated during October-November every year at Smit near Shillong. The people dance away to glory. Unmarried girls dressed to perfection dance within a circle with their men partners holding an open sword in one hand and a white yak-hair whisk in the other.

Shad Suk Mynsiem:
This is again a thanksgiving festival showing the sense of gratitude of the people of Khasi Hills. It is held during the spring. The dance is accompanied by drums and pipes called 'tangmuri' which is called the queen of musical instruments.

The advent of monsoon in July brings the celebration of Behhdienkhlam. It occupies an important place in the hearts of the Jaintia tribe.

Lahoo Dance:
This dance form is high on entertainment. Men and women holding arms together perform this dance.

Dorsegata Dance:
It is an interesting dance form wherein the women try to knock off the turbans of their male partners.

Music Of Meghalaya:
The folk songs sung by the Garo tribe are dedicated to festivals, marriages, love and bravery accompanied by drums and flutes. The songs sung by the Khasis and Jaintias are generally in the praise of Mother nature. They sing songs in the praise of hills, lakes, waterfalls and rivers expressing appreciation for their land. Musical instruments used by them are drums, duitara and instruments similar to guitar, flutes, pipes and cymbals.

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