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Meghalaya Travel Guide

Cherrapunji - Meghalaya

Do you love to see the floating clouds carrying water to shower on you, step into the land of Meghalaya. The literal meaning of the term Meghalaya is the 'abode of clouds'. How aptly the land has been named. Get drunk on its scenic beauty and make your holidays pleasurable. The rolling mists in the valleys transport you to a different world altogether. Dance, music and sports run in the blood of the people here. Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya which is extremely beautiful hill station of India.

The Khasi, Garo and Jaintya tribes were the first dwellers of Meghalaya. They had their own kingdoms before the British conquered Meghalaya.

How To Reach:

Air: The nearest airport is at Guwahati, 128 km. Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are well connected to Guwahati by air.
Rail: Guwahati is the nearest railway station. It is well connected to all he major cities of India.
Road: Meghalaya is easily accessible from Assam and other cities of the country by road.


Meghalaya, the land of rich tradition offers several amazing shopping items such as wood carving, bamboo and cane objects, carpets, silk fabrics, pineapple fibre articles, cane mats and baskets and jewellery.Meghalaya does not have big malls but is lined with local shops which sell handicrafts high on quality.


Despite being a small state Meghalaya has no dearth of accommodation options. Being the capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong has the maximum number of hotels in the state. You have enough choices when it comes to hotels. From Luxury hotels to budget hotels, all are available here. Hotel Polo Towers, Hotel central Point, Hotel Tripura Castle and hotel Pegasus Crown are a few to name.


Meghalaya enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year.


Meat, especially pork occupies the most important place in the cuisine of Meghalaya. Try out its famous dish 'Jadoh' , a spicy culinary delight of rice and pork. Chinese food is also a big hit with people here. 'Kyat' is the local brew is served in celebrations.
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