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Destinations in Meghalaya

Meghalaya cities are the most important part of Meghalaya tourism. Through a brief tour of the cities in Meghalaya, one can get an idea about the language, religion, traditions, custom, dress, food and other cultural aspects of Meghalaya. One of the unique features of all the Cities of Meghalaya is that a majority of the tribal population follows a matrilineal system where lineage and birthright are traced through women.

Shillong, MeghalayaShillong
Shillong is undoubtedly a tourist's delight. Nature exists nowhere as in Shillong. This lesser known hill station is simply magical. Hooked at a height of 1,496 meters, Shillong is fondly known as the 'Scotland of East'.


Cherrapunjee, MeghalayaCherrapunjee
Cherrapunjee, the wettest place in the world is a big hit with tourists. It is a town located in the East Khasi Hills district in the North Eastern state Meghalaya. It is inhabited by people known as Khasis belonging to the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya.


Mawsynram, MeghalayaMawsynram
Mawsynram is an extremely beautiful village in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. It receives an annual rainfall of 11.872 m . Reportedly it is the wettest spot in the world and tourists from across the globe come here for holidays.


Jakrem, MeghalayaJakrem
Jakrem in Meghalaya is fast gaining popularity among tourists as it is a wonderful health resort. It is blessed with hot-springs of sulphur water which lure people from across the globe.


Nartiang, MeghalayaNartiang
Holding sheer archaeological and historic importance, Nartiang is a beautiful place in the Jaintia Hills district of the North Eastern state Meghalaya. It is dotted with several monoliths and majority of them are located...


Tura is a mesmerizing district headquarters of the West Garo Hill. Tura boasts of beautiful hills overlooking the mighty river Brahmaputra. Tura town is famous for its Tura peak which rises to an altitude of 872 m above sea level.


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