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Nagaland Handicrafts

Art and Handicrafts Nagaland

Art and Handicrafts are intricately woven into the culture of Nagaland. The state is a home to around 16 tribes who have long perfected the art of creating magnificent items from very little resources. By using products from the farms, fields and forests, they make their own clothes, utensils, medicines and objects of ritualistic and aesthetic value. How self sufficient they are! Visit the Naga villages where the the huge village gates, house posts and Morungs speak volumes about the craftsmanship of the people of the state.

The handicrafts of Nagaland are designed in beautiful patters which depict the tradition of the Nagas. They are in great demand in India and abroad. The use of vibrant colours and unique designs in the fabrics make them look very attractive. They are known for their great quality and durability. Nagaland shawls are very famous among tourists. They are woven into different designs depending on the different tribes who weave them. Cane and bamboo work, wood carving, blacksmithy and pottery are the most popular handicrafts work of the Nagas.

A wide variety of figures are carved meticulously on wood. Commonly carved figures are human figure, mithun head, hornbill, elephant,leopard and tiger. The Konyak tribe is believed to be the most skilled wood carvers. Cane and bamboo are produced in abundance in the forests of Nagaland. The Nagas utilize them in the best possible manner to make amazing items such as baskets, hats, armlets, necklaces, mats, shields and other decorative items. Beautiful pots in various designs are made by the Nagas by the use of hands only. Blacksmithy is practised by most of the tribes, except for Lothas who consider this art inauspicious as they believe that a person involved in this trade does not live long. However, the Konyaks are the best blacksmiths.
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