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Aoling Festival

Aoling Festival Nagaland

The arrival of spring marks the inception of Aoling Festival which stretches for six days. This festival is celebrated by the Konyaks tribe of Nagaland. The festival signifies the beginning of the New Year. Like most of the festivals of Nagaland this festival is also related to agriculture. It is celebrated after the completion of sowing. The first day of the festival is called Hoi Lah Nyih, during this day, the people prepare for the celebration of the rest of the five days. Naga people look out for domestic animals to be sacrificed during the festival on the second( Yin Mok Pho Nyih) and the third day(Mok Shek Nyih). Lingnyu Nyih is the fourth day which is the most important day of the festival. This entire day is dedicated to feasting and enjoying. Men, women and children wear colourful clothes and try to look their best. Lingha Nyih, the fifth day is devoted to respecting each other. Lingshan Nyih, the sixth day of the festival is for cleaning the houses and village.

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