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Shangnyu Nagaland

Shangnyu Village, Nagaland

Located in the Mon district of Nagaland, the Shangnyu Village is a home to the Konyak Naga tribe. The district is situated in the north eastern part of the state. If you really want to see the colourful culture of the Naga tribe, then this village has a lot to offer. This tribe has its own hereditary chief known as Angh. The village houses a wooden structure which was built in the honour of persons and events. It is eight feet in height and twelve feet in width. It is believed that this structure was constructed by heavenly angels. It has beautiful carvings of human beings and other living beings. There is a palace of the chief in the village. Several memorial stones can be seen outside the palace. The historical records show that the Shangnyu tribe shared a cordial relationship with the Ahom Kings of Assam in the past.

The people of Shangnyu Village are great craftsmen. They produce a wide variety of products from locally obtained raw materials. Passed on from generation to generation, the traditional values and customs of the tribe have been preserved till date. This village is easily accessible from all parts of Nagaland. So reaching here is never a problem.
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