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Nagland Travel Guide

Nagaland in extreme northeastern India is one of India's smallest states. The terrain is mountainous, thickly wooded, and cut by deep river valleys; there is a wide variety of plant and animal life. Nagaland has a monsoon climate with generally high humidity. The state attracts people for its quaint hills, green carpeted valleys, cascading waterfalls, dense forests and rich wildlife, all of which creates a pristine environment.

Nagaland IntroductionNagaland Introduction
Nagaland is a mesmerizing hill station inhabited by the tribes reflecting the rich culture of India. It shares its borders with Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and Manipur. Dimapur is the capital city of Nagaland.


Art and Handicrafts NagalandArt and Handicrafts
Art and Handicrafts are intricately woven into the culture of Nagaland. The state is a home to around 16 tribes who have long perfected the art of creating magnificent items from very little resources.


Dance and Music NagalandDance and Music
Dance and music are an essential part of any celebration in Mizoram. Based on a wide variety of themes, the dance and music may talk about a tradition, depict the stories of bravery and chivalry or narrate an important historic event.


Fairs and Festivals of NagalandFairs and Festivals
Nagaland is a home of colourful tribes where fairs and festivals are observed round the year. Its ethnic tribal culture is known the world over for its celebrations. Different tribes have different fairs and festivals which they celebrate with great...


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