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Wildlife of Nagaland

Rolling Mountains, enchanting valley, swift flowing streams and above all luxuriant forests and wild life which are generally of evergreen type give evidence of the precious gift of the bountiful nature bestowed upon the Nagaland state. Nagaland boasts of its rich flora & fauna. The total land of state is 52% covered with dense forests and hence is popular for Wildlife sanctuary.

Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary,NagalandFakim Wildlife Sanctuary
While you are in Nagaland, its rich flora and fauna will definitely amaze you. Every wildlife sanctuary that you step in Nagaland displays an entirely different variety and scenic beauty.


Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary,NagalandItanki Wildlife Sanctuary
An impressive place of interest in Nagaland is the Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated at a distance of 37 kilometers from Dimapur. The Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary is kept under preservation by the Forest Wildlife...


Trogopan Birding,NagalandTrogopan Birding
Trogopan bird is a rare and endangered pheasant endemic only to Nagaland. It is believed that this bird has migrated from the Himalayas. It is one of the most beautiful birds in India. There are five species of Trogopan found...


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