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Manipur Zoological Garden

Manipur Zoological Garden

The Manipur Zoological Garden located 7 kilometers off from Imphal, the sate capital, was set up on October 2, 1976. The Manipur Zoological Garden is located on Imphal-Kanchup road. The Manipur Zoological Garden serves as a home to numerous endangered and rare species. Because of this uniqueness, the zoo is often called the Jewel Box of Manipur.

Area Description :

The Central Zoo Authority has recognized the Manipur Zoological Garden as a medium zoo. The Manipur Zoological Garden is spread over an area of 8 hectares. An additional area of 2.13 hectares is maintained at Langol Reserve Forest. Here captive breeding of Sangai, one of the most endangered animal, takes place. The Government of Manipur has established the Manipur Zoological Garden Society.

Animals and Birds :

A variety of animals and birds are found inside the Manipur Zoological Garden. There exists in all 55 species of birds and animals. And there are above 420 animals that the Manipur Zoological Garden houses. 14 endangered species are also present inside the zoo.

Visiting Hours :
The zoo is closed on Monday. Except for Monday the zoo remains open on all days of the week. The visiting timings of the zoo vary with the change in the season. During the summer months, from April to September the visiting hours of the zoo starts from 10.00 in the morning up to 4.30 in the evening. In the winter months, from October to March the zoo timings rage from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. The ticket counter is closed half an hour before the scheduled closed time of the zoo.

Entry Requirements :
The entry fees that a tourist is required to pay in order to see the Manipur Zoological Garden is 400 rupees per head in case of an adult and 300 rupees per head in case of a child. Extra charges are levied for carrying cameras inside the zoo.
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