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Shree Govindajee Temple

Shri Govindaji Temple Manipur

Shree Govindajee Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is one of the most important temples of Manipur. The shrine houses images of different forms of deities, and all of them are the forms of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu is considered as the preserver of the universe. Lord Krishna can be seen in the form of Govinda inside the shrine. Vaishnavaites held this temple in high esteem and devotees from far and wide come here for worshipping the lord. It is situated in Imphal, the capital city of Manipur. Wonderful dances are also performed in the complex of the temple. The image of lord Vishnu is surrounded by the idols of Balarama and Krishna on one side and Jagannatha on the other.

There is a beautiful attraction near Shree Govindajee Temple – the palace of the former rulers of Manipur. Holding great historic importance, this palace looks stunning with its gold domes and a huge congregation hall perched on a platform. This temple was built during the rule of the Rajarishi Bhagyachandra in the 18th century. During the festivals the temple becomes the centre for several cultural activities. During Holi young boys and girls give amazing dance performance at the temple.
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