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Manipur Handicrafts

Wooden Furniture perfect example of Art and Handicraft Of Manipur

Occupying a prized place in the world of art and handicrafts, Manipur offers a wide range of products. The people of Manipur are highly skilled in crafting amazing handicrafts. the markets of Manipur are the best places to get the glimpses of the rich heritage of Manipur through its wonderful art and handicrafts. Kauna products, cane and bamboo articles, artistic weaving, woodcarving are the favourites of tourists. The women of Manipur are expert in weaving cotton textiles. Laichamphi (meaning cotton cloth) is the name given to this handicraft of Manipur. Necessity gave birth to the creation of wonderful wooden items. Block printing is also popular here. Colourful block printed towels or the Khamen Chatpa is a status symbol and is often presented to the village chiefs and warriors. The womenfolk wear colourful block printed dresses on specific religious ceremonies. Kauna mats are one of the specialities of the state. Grown in marshy and wet lands, Kauna are available in two different forms. They are water reeds which are used to make mats and cushions.

Some of the famous handicrafts of Manipur are:

  • Hand-woven and embroidered textiles
  • Mats made of water reed
  • Manipuri dance doll
  • Shawls and blankets
  • Manipuri bed covers of Moirangfee
  • Cane and bamboo work
  • Wood carving
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