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Dance and Music of Manipur

Manipuri Ras Lila Dance

Representing the rich culture and ethos of Manipur, its dance and music are famous the world over. The classical dance form is the most famous dance practised in the state. From classical to ancient and folk, dance in Manipur covers different dances. The classical dance of Manipur generally touches religious themes and depict spiritual stories. It mostly talks about lord Krishna. From the very beginning the classical dance of Manipur was performed in the temples. It was during the 20th century that the dance performance started on stage. Equally rich is the music of Manipur. Be it love songs or folk music, Manipuris sing them very beautifully. Music of Manipur encompasses different types of songs such as religious, classical, love and folk. Dhob and Napi Pala are the famous forms of music in Manipur.

The most famous dance forms of Manipur are:

Khamba Thoibi Dance: This dance form is performed by a male and a female in the honour of sylvan deity.

Maibi Dance: This dance form is signifies recreation and is a part of the Lai-Haraoba festival.

Nupa Pala or Cymbal Dance: This unique dance is performed by a group of men with cymbals.

Ras Lila: Dedicated to the pure love of Radha and Krishna, this dance form is usually performed in the temples.

Pung Cholom: It is the beautiful classical dance form of Manipur.
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