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Kaina Manipur

Pillars at Shri Govindaji Temple,Kaina Manipur

Occupying an important place in the hearts of Hindus, Kaina(also spelt Koina) is a famous religious centre of Manipur. It is a hillock elevated to a height of 921 m above sea level. It is located only 29 km from Imphal, the capital city of Manipur. It is a peaceful place gifted with a picturesque location. Here one feels in harmony with nature. There is a beautiful Shri Govindaji temple nestled on this hillock whose foundation was laid by the Maharaja Jai Singh who had deep faith in Shri Govindaji. The shrine is carved out in a jack fruit tree. The legend goes that one night Lord Govindaji appeared in the dream of the Maharaja and asked him to built a shrine dedicated to Sri Govindaji. It was to be carved out of jack fruit tree which was then growing at Kaina.

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