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Sibuta Lung Mizoram

Sibuta Lung Mizoram

Sibuta Lung is an ancient memorial stone surrounded by a strange legend. It is located 20 km of Aizawl town in the north eastern state Mizoram. It was built by an orphan adopted by the chief of the village. The chief adopted a young orphan named Sibuta. Plagued by a selfish desire to become the chief of over 2,000 houses, the boy killed his adoptive father. He became the chief but miserably failed in his love life and was deceived by his beloved. This made him furious and he decided to take a revenge. He threw the young girl into a huge pit on which he wanted to erect a memorial for himself. It took a great deal of hard work to drag the giant rock from the bed of the Tlawng river located 10 km away. Three human beings were sacrificed and their blood was used to wash the rock. The poor girl(his beloved) was buried alive in the pit below the stone.

The Sibuta Lung is easily accessible from the capital city Aizwal. Good and regular bus service helps the tourists to reach the memorial without any hassle. Accommodation is available in the capital city from where you can easily journey to Sibuta Lung.

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