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Lungvandawt Mizoram

Holding an interesting meaning, the Lungvandawt is a sharply and clearly shaped pillar. It had been chiselled from stone and is around 75 cm in diameter and 3 m in height. It is located at a place between Biate and Lungdar in the capital city Aizawl. The word Lungvandawt means 'a stone going up towards the heaven and almost reaching it'. The legend goes that ages ago this was a towering pillar almost reaching the heaven. Nothing could go in between. Once a peacock stuck into it and got crushed into a pulpy mass. According to the popular belief in Mizoram, this pillar was built in the memory of the chief of the Biate tribe. This tribe lived in this area before the arrival of the Lushais who defeated them and forced them to move to the plains of Cachar.

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