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Phulpui Grave

Phulpui Grave Mizoram

Holding historic importance, the Phulpui Graves are the graves of two lovers speaking volumes about the love of a women. They are located at Phulpui village in Mizoram, which is 159 km from the capital city Aizwal. The legend goes that the beautiful lady Talvungi of Thenzawl got married to Zawlpala, the chief of Phulpui village. Afterwards she tied the knot with the chief of Rothai, Punthia as Polygamy was a trend of that era.. However she could not forget her first husband whom she loved passionately. With each passing day she was consumed by depression. After the death of Zawlpala, overwhelmed by grief Talvungi came back to Phulpui. Here she dig a pit for herself near the grave of Zawlpala and asked an old women to kill her and bury her in the grave. And this was the grave end of their love story.

Phulpui Grave attracts many a tourist from far and wide who come here to see the graves of the passionate woman. You can easily reach the Phulpui Grave from Aizwal by the buses plying regularly from Aziwal to Phulpui village.

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