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Unakoti Tripura

Visit this sacred destination of Tripura, and you will be rewarded with the mind blowing rock-cut images and stone sculptures of numerous Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The history of these images dates back to the 7th and the 9th centuries. It is located in the Kailashahar subdivision in the northern part of Tripura. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, Unakoti is one of the biggest bas-relief sculptures in India. It is a treasure trove of ancient delights. The term Unakoti means 'one less than a crore'. The place is also dotted with the ruins of the ancient temples which draw attention of the tourists. Unakoti is easily accessible from the capital city Agartala.

The legend goes that Lord Shiva spent a night at Unakoti while travelling to Kashi. Before sleeping at night he asked his companions to wake up early in the morning so that they could head for Kashi. Unfortunately nobody woke up before sunrise and this invited the ire of Lord Shiva, he transformed all his companions into stones.

Two kinds of images can be seen here, rock-carved images and stone images. The perfect examples of the rock-carved images are the central Shiva head and huge Ganesha image. Rising up to the height of 30 feet, the central Shiva head is known as 'Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava'. The image also has a decorated headdress of 10 feet. The central Shiva head is flanked by two full size images of Goddesses, namely Durga and Ganga. There are several other images found here such as the images of Nandi, Narasimha, Ravana and Hanumana.
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