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Tripura Dance

Chakma Music and Dance Tripura

The culture of Tripuris revolves around their celebrations which are marked by dance and music. There are several tribal communities in the state and each has its own special folk dance. Some of the famous folk dances of Tripura are:

Garai Dance
: After sowing seeds in the month of April, Tripuris offer prayer to the deity 'Goria' for bumper harvest. They please the deity with wonderful dance and music performances.

Lebang Boomani Dance:
Once the Garia festival ends, the Tripuris start waiting for monsoon. During this period, numerous colourful insects called 'Lebang' visit hill slopes in search of seeds sewn on it. These insects are welcomed by Tripuris. The men make a peculiar rhythmic sound using two bamboo chips in their hands, the women run wobbling the hill slopes to catch these insects. Interestingly, the rhythm of the sound made by the bamboo chips attracts the insects from their hiding places.

Bizy Dance
: The people of the Chakma community perform this dance. Bizu means 'Chaitra-Sankranti' which marks the end of Bengali calender year. During this festival Chakmas dance and sing to welcome the new year. The dance is accompanied by the sound of flutes known as 'Khenggarang' and 'Dhukuk'.

Hai-Hak Dance
: This dance form belongs to the Halam community of Tripura. The dance is performed at the end of the harvesting season.

Wangala Dance
: The people sing and dance after the good harvest. 'Wangala' (1st rice eating ceremony) is celebrated in every house. Womenfolk dance and the theme is 'rehearsal for war'.

Tripuris are very inclined towards music. Tripura has contributed a lot to Indian culture in terms of folk music. They use different types of musical instruments such as the Kham(made of wood and animal skin), the Sumai(flute made of bamboo), Sarinda, Chongpreng, Dangdu and Cynbals.

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