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Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Median Egret, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Tripura

Location: Tripura
Main Attraction: Flora and Fauna
Best Time To Visit: Round the year
Climate: Hot and humid in summer, pleasant in winter

About The Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary:
A home to several wildlife species, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the known wildlife sanctuaries of Tripura. It reflects the fabulous natural heritage of North East India as it is one of the few remains of the natural forests left. The sanctuary is located near Panisagar, Tripura. It covers an area of 85'85 hectares and is easily accessible from any part of Tripura. The sanctuary is a paradise for botanists, environmentalists, ecologists and people who have deep interest in wildlife.

The sanctuary is a world in itself and its inhabitants are several species of wild animals, birds, primates and reptiles. It would be a real pleasure to explore the wilderness of the sanctuary. The wonderful vegetation of the sanctuary consists of herbs of great medicinal importance, aromatic plants, fruits, fodder, spices, horticulture plants, ornamental flowers, spices and orchids. Spend a day among such a beautiful and refreshing environment and the memory will be long remembered.

How To Reach Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary:
Air: The nearest airport is Agartala.
Road: You can easily reach the sanctuary by road from Panisagar.

Accommodation is not a problem here. You can enjoy a pleasurable stay at the Panisagar Tourist Lodge located near the Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary.

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