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Tripura Festivals

Fairs and Festivals Tripura

Enjoying rich cultural heritage, Tripura is a land of fairs and festivals. Majority of the people inhabiting Tripura are Hindus, hence the festivals celebrated here are quite common to the festivals celebrated in the rest of India. Be it tribal or non tribal festival, all tripuris come together to celebrate it with great enthusiasm. If you get a chance to participate in any of its festival, do participate. You will love it.

Some of the famous festivals of Tripura are:

Durga Puja: Bengalis celebrate this festival with great pomp and show as it is their most important festival. Goddess Durga is worshipped during the festival which is held in the month of September or October. Dance, music and other cultural activities are an integral part of this festival.

Kharchi Puja
: During this festival fourteen deities are worshipped for the entire week. The word Kharchi is the distorted form of Khya which means earth. The festival is celebrated to worship Earth which sustains mankind. Goats and pigeons are sacrificed during the festival.

Garia Puja:
This religious festival is celebrated on the seventh day of the month of Baisakh(April) for seven days. Dance is an important part of this festival.

Dewali Festival:
It is the most important festivals of Hindus. It is celebrated at Tripura Sundari temple, Udaipur. Colourful fair and other cultural activities are the attractions of the festival.

Pous Sankranti Mela
: This Mela is held during Uttarayan Sankranti on 14th January. During the festival thousands of people go for a holy bath at Tritha Mukh ,the place of origin of river Gomati.

Ashokastami Festival
: Ashokastami Fair is a striking feature of the Ashokastami festival. It is held at Unakoti Tirtha at Kailasahar Sub Division in March/April.

Orange and Tourism Festival
: This festival is dedicated to lovely oranges. It is held at Jampui Hill where a large number of oranges are grown. It is an annual festival celebrated in the month of November.

Boat Race:
Rudrasagar lake comes alive during the annual Boat Race festival hosted by the Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism.
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