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Arunachal Pradesh Handicrafts

Bamboo Mats, Handicraft Arunachal Pradesh

Art and Handicrafts of Arunachal Pradesh can fire your imagination with their beauty and style. The traditional art of creating wonderful articles from the very common material available have been passed on from generation after generation in the state. Even today the people make most of their household items own their own. Be it utensils, baskets, tables or their dresses, they know how to make it all. Different regions are famous for different craftsmanship. Some are known for designing colourful masks, wooden vessels and silver objects, some are expert in making cane and bamboo articles while others have long perfected the art of wood carving.

Bamboo and Cane Products:
Cane and bamboo are produced in abundance in Arunachal Pradesh. Both cane and bamboo are used amazingly in making several items such as baskets, hats, cane vessels, cane belts and carved bamboo mugs. Elegant jewellery and different kinds of gift items are also made out of these natural products.

Art of Weaving:
Large number of women are engaged in the art of weaving. Using the fine combinations of colours, they weave colourful and graceful dress material. Red, yellow, blue, green, pink and purple are the widely used colours. Earlier only natural dyes were used but now synthetic ones are also used. Some of the famous weaved items are jackets, bags, Mishmi shawls, Sherdukpen shawls, skirts and scarves.

The Carpets of Arunachal Pradesh with attractive colours and designs are in great demand by the tourists. Monpas, the Buddhist community is famous for making perfect carpets.

Wood Carving:
The good looking cups, utensils, fruit bowls and the great ceremonial masks for dancers and pantomimes, religious images and toys are the manifestations of the great skill of the craftsmen of Arunachal Pradesh. Khamptis tribe of the state exceeds others in this art form.

Ornamental Art:
The creativity of Arunachalis vividly reflects in the beautiful ornaments they make. Wonderful jewellery is made out of bamboo. Not only this feathers of birds and wings of the green beetles are also used for ornamental purpose.

Arunachalis are also known for their skills in paper making, smithy work, carpentry, ivory work and pottery.

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